Building Code & Development Consulting

Our primary service, we provide a variety of assessments and advice on all projects in order to ensure legislative requirements are being met within every design and project. Assessments are carried out against individual state and territory legislation, national construction code (Building Code of Australia), Australian Standards and any relevant local laws.

A summary of such consulting and assessments include:

  • Pre-planning assessments of new projects in order to ensure project objectives and enhance project designs
  • Assessments and advice on existing buildings and upgrade requirements
  • Advising on alternative compliance strategies such as performance based solutions.
  • Liaising with Fire Brigades and Councils

Building Certification and Approvals

A key component of our services, Building Certification and Approvals (i.e. Building Permits) at the completion of design, we offer Building Permits, Approvals and Certification for any type of construction project and includes the provision for:

  • Mandatory Inspections (Footings, Reinforcement, Frame, Fire Rating and Final Inspections)
  • Issue of Occupancy Permits and or Certificates of Final Inspection on completion of works
  • Liquor License Reports

Access Consulting

In addition to compliance assessments against the Building Code of Australia we also offer the ability to assess and advise on Disability Access to buildings.

Disabled Access has become an increasingly important part of the design framework for all new projects and requires compliance with the Disability Discrimination Act and Disability Standards (Access to Premises – Buildings).

As such Saville & Co. provides our clients with expert advice on disability compliance for all types of projects.

Compliance Management

We provide an array of additional services for existing buildings and facilities in order to ensure they continue to be best utilised. All buildings require on going maintenance, inspections and testing to ensure the continual performance of safety, health and amenity is maintained.

As such Saville & Co. can offer the following services:

  • Compliance Audits and Due Diligence Assessments
  • Essential Safety Measures
  • Assessments of Combustible Cladding
  • Building upgrade requirements