About Us

Who We Are

A national consulting firm, Saville & Co. consists of experienced consultants and accredited certifiers in building compliance. We seek to provide a personal and proactive approach to our clients and projects alike.

With our proven depth of experience across a variety of project sectors, our qualified staff are capable of advising and certifying all types of building and construction projects.

We strive to understand the individual constraints and needs of every project including timing, budget and uniqueness in design to deliver a smooth and seamless process to clients and project teams.

Our values

  • Personal approach to clients and project teams
  • Proactive advice and solutions in order to meet individual project needs
  • Transparency in advice and processes
  • Comprehensive technical advice to project stakeholders including local council and fire brigades
  • Efficiency in delivering on time

With the ability to integrate seamlessly with any project team, our success is measured by the success of your project.